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Kindness Begins With Me – Charles Sheng

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The proceeds of this year’s Kindness Begins With Me 5K event will go to a loyal community supporter and dear friend to LES and Lester, Charles Sheng. This year we have chosen Charles because he is a living example of what the LES mission is all about. β€œEating right, knowing your numbers and even knowing how your family history can impact your health is a great start….the importance of listening to your body and knowing that when something is not right – you gotta get checked.”

Charles, has been dealing with unexpected medical issues the past several weeks and is anticipated to continue to for the next couple of months. The doctors have ruled out a more serious/life threatening diagnosis and predict a full recovery, but it will take some time.

A Cut Above. Charles opened the barbershop as a place of business and it has evolved as a local haven for friends and family to get their hair cut, talk sports and recent events but also foster cross generational relationships within the community. A Cut Above Barbershop has been a staple within the community for the past 24 years. Through the years this shop has evolved consistent with its clientele-from a local hangout to a community foundation for all. Despite this prognosis, he is still attempting to work minimal hours in order to cover his ongoing medical bills, prescriptions, and otherwise financial survival.

We have chosen Charles to be the recipient of this years KBWM5K proceeds because we truly love Charles and love what he does for the community. Together, we can help Charles by letting him know that he doesn’t have to go at it alone. It is engrained in Charles’s character to show up for others so there is no question he deserves our love and support now. Contributing to this event no matter how big or small will show Charles just how much we appreciate, love, and care for him, especially during this difficult time.

Let’s make Charles’ Story be a testament to how we can make informed choices for ourselves and our well-being. Make your health the priority!

From there, spread kindness to all by sharing this message!

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